Pick-it 3D

Pick-it 3D camera and vision software for robot picking

Pick-it is a plug and play smart automation product that guides your robot to pick and place
The 3D camera and software detect the exact position of every part

The Pick-it 3D camera and vision software make robotic picking easy. The Pick-it product consists of the Pick-it 3D camera and the Pick-it 3D software installed on an industrial processor.

Connect a PC or laptop to the Pick-it processor to configure your application through the Pick-it web interface.

Connect your robot of choice to the Pick-it processor to program your robot with some easy Pick-it commands to start picking.

A flexible product

Pick-it is a 3D robot vision solution that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products.

Pick-it supports all of the following robotic applications:

  • Automatic machine loading
  • Bin picking
  • Depalletising
  • Kitting and assembly from multiple bins
  • Conveyor handling – pick and place
Configuring Pick-it is easy

Set-up and calibration is easy. It is all done through a user-friendly graphical user interface. Just connect a laptop or PC to the Pick-it processor and start configuring

For all major robot brands

Pick-it integrates out-of-the-box with all major robot brands including the Aubo-i5 collaborative robot. At an affordable price, it provides a fast return on investment.

More information on the Pick 3D website

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